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PLA "Makes Itself Widely Known" Again...

On April 17, 2022, Bilibili(1) blogger [Student He] updated a video about FDM printers, which received millions of views in a few hours, ranking first in the hot search at Bilibili.
“The studio currently has seven 3D printers, among which there is a multi-color printer that has been printing continuously for half a month , and presenting some very interesting models.”said by [Student He].
As a new technology, 3D printing has a unique advantage, that is, rapid modeling and prototyping, which cannot be replaced by CNC and laser cutting machines. 3D printing also has rich applications in the medical industry: such as 3D printed medical models for surgery and planning or teaching, surgical guides, surgical/oral implants, rehabilitation equipment, bio-3D printed human tissues, organs, etc.
At present, Wuhan Jiayi Additive Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the principle of practicality and widely applies 3D printing to these applications. The PLA filaments produced by Jiayi is of high quality and low price. A medical equipment company in Beijing, which cooperates with Jiayi, gave a high evaluation of Jiayi's PLA filaments and make Jiayi to become its 3D printing material supplier after the first deal.

(1)Bilibili, referred to as Station B, is now a cultural community and video platform with a high concentration of young Chinese generations. The website was created on June 26, 2009 and is affectionately called "Bilibili" by fans.
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