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An interview with the founder of Jiayi Additive Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., -Mr. Liao Peng

Liao Peng, the founder of Wuhan Jiayi Additive Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., who successfully transformed its traditional chemical enterprises into the 3D printing industry.
Jiayi Additive was established in 2017, located in Wuhan, a city with various cutting-edge manufacturing industries and has access to 1 million on-campus university students in the center of China.
Liao Peng introduced to us that the company was founded by him and his classmate. This partner has a great background of 3D printing industry material studies. He got his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at South China University of Technology. Then he studied “Research and Development of Dental Resin Materials” in Finland for several years. After returning to China, under the reunion with Mr. Liao the 3D material manufacturing company which focusing on the R&D and production of photosensitive resins was founded.
1.Interviewer: Why did you choose to develop the LCD photosensitive resin market?
Liao: I have been paying attention to 3D printing for a long time, and I have always wanted to find a breakthrough to develop the market.  Judging from the development of the past few years, the prospects of the LCD light curing market should be the greatest choice. In addition, according to our market research, the LCD equipment prices are falling and the sales volume of 3D has been rising. After our investigation, we decided to seize the opportunity and enter the industry immediately when there is no ideal LCD resin in terms of good quality and low price on the market .
2.Interviewer: What are the company's main products? Are there any advantages?
Liao: We are mainly engaged in the research and development and production of LCD engineering resins. Because our Jiayi principle is "High quality and low price",we have been committed to researching a price that is affordable by every player and the quality can reach engineering-level resin standards. At present, we have successfully developed several types of resins, with high hardness, high toughness and low unpleasant smells. In terms of the advantages of our products. I think our research team's ability to change materials research and development is outstanding. For now, we have already cooperated with many top universities and scientific research institutions in China. I believe that under the insistent research and continuous innovation by our core technical staff and professional team,we can develop and present more materials with superior parameters.
3.Interviewer:What is the current position of the company ? What is the future direction of development?
Liao: We have established the foundation to be one of the leading manufacturers of photosensitive resin materials and PLA filaments in China and exported to many customers in different countries. Our 3D printing services including designing, modeling and producing have been well approved by several customers in medical industry, mechanical industry and etc.
It requires all of our company members working together to serve our customers with high standard materials, passion and innovation in 3D printing material R&D and the applications. We step firmly to approach this promising future industry--3D printing.


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